Miss Birmingham 2017 takes on the MPG Challenge

Miss Birmingham 2017

Here at Vantage Toyota Tamworth we have completely fallen in love with the Toyota Yaris Hybrid and love talking to our customers about the hybrid technology it has. One of the things we have been able to do, thanks to a handy device lent to us by Toyota GB, is measure on a test drive how many miles per gallon (MPG) the vehicle is using.

The MPG challenge challenges people to achieve as many miles per gallon as possible and also measures what proportion of their drive was done using electric.

Our marketing team undertook the MPG challenge in the all new Yaris a few weeks ago, and things got pretty competitive! We wanted to see how a blogger from our area would get on with this challenge.

We teamed up with our sister sites Toyota Preston and Toyota York, each with a blogger representing their area, and we’re eager to see which of our three bloggers will come out on top as they each undertake the challenge.


Taking the challenge on behalf of Toyota Tamworth was Miss Birmingham 2017 herself, Niamh Conway. She is currently mid campaign to become Miss England and used the Yaris to get around town to fulfil her duties and pick up materials to create her eco-costume for the competition.

Niamh tries to be as environmentally conscious as possible, she says:

"Doing your bit in helping the environment, is a very important part of the Miss England Organisation, so I’m very grateful to have been able to drive this hybrid car."

It seems Niamh and this car are made for each other. She enjoyed driving it and challenging herself to driving in eco mode as much as possible.


Because our competitors were competing in very different environments there are too many measures that we can't control in order to make this experiment conclusive. Traffic, inclines, motorway driving etc will all have an impact on your MPG but having an awareness of how your driving can affect this is crucial in getting the best economy from your car,

All of our subjects achieved impressive MPG scores in addition to significant periods running on electric alone, notably Niamh's 66% electric drive.

Niamh finished the challenge with 51.4 MPG which whilst impressive unfortunately still put her at the bottom of the table below ‘Laura Knows Lifestyle’ and the winner ‘Who’s the Mummy?’. We are very impressed with the amount of time she managed to stay in electric mode for, and we think she did fantastically in tough competition. Perhaps we have a true hybrid advocate in the making.


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